Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prosperity & Perfect Health

There are three main aspects to prosperous living; right livelihood, perfect health, and harmonious relationships. Right livelihood encompasses both meaningful work and work which supports a joyous lifestyle. I have written extensively about the interconnection between consciousness and fulfilling work and material prosperity. Now, I am writing about the other two components of prosperous living and how consciousness governs our success in these venues as well. First we will look at health.

I believe that perfect heath is our birthright in the sense that we are born with the perfect mind body combination to accomplish that which we arrived here to do. I discuss so called “birth defects” and disabilities in another chapter and so will not repeat that topic here. Birth is a gift from our creator. There is nothing that we had to do in order to receive the blessing of life. I will come back to this momentarily.

Some people believe that life is random and that we exist solely on the physical plane. They assert that our role in life is to survive. They think that all that exists can be measured with the five senses and understood by the human brain. (Assuming continued advances in scientific instrumentation).

On the other hand, if life is not random, then it has purpose and meaning.

In the end, we have one of a limited number ways we can view the idea of perfect health in our physical world. If our existence is meaningless and random then our physical well-being is likewise random and there is nothing we can learn about this and the inquiry is over. This motto is something like “Life is a bitch and then you die.” If you reject this approach, then we must adopt either the idea of 1) a rewarding/punishing God that bestows blessings on some and not on others, 2) a capricious God or 3) a loving creator.

It is beyond my purpose to fully debate this issue fully here.

I will say however, the creative act cannot be measured by the five senses. Creativity itself cannot be comprehended or explained by the human brain. Biology can at best explain what happens when conception occurs, but no scientist can create life or explain where life comes from. Moreover, we do not know where creativity itself comes from. We cannot determine where new ideas arise from. We do not understand (and I believe cannot understand) how fresh insights occur any better than we can determine how life arises. The absence of scientific proof about where new ideas come from coupled with my own experience in having new ideas leads me to believe that there is an organizing intelligence in the Universe.

Thus, let’s refocus back to the main point which is that our birth is the result of the gift of life and implies a creative force. If we are gifted with life for some purpose, then it stands to reason that at conception we would have the perfect set of tools to fulfill our purpose. However, know we are not the product of predestination because we have free will. Thus, we are not created with all the tools we need and no choice but to fill our destiny. Instead we are created with the impulse to manifest the purpose and acquire the sills over our lifetime.

At our birth, we have the perfect combination of mind and body to succeed in manifesting the good we were intended to experience. Some skills of course must be developed; most of us learn to walk, to speak, to read and so forth. Some attributes must be developed such as all of the aspects of our human personality. In addition, some traits must be learned through experience such as the value of spiritual surrender, forgiveness and perseverance. All of this occurs through a life curriculum which is perfectly crafted to develop us into spiritual maturity as we manifest our life purpose.

This curriculum occurs throughout our lifetime and molds and shapes us in ways that we do not readily perceive. Thus, to outside appearances, many of us do not have a perfect mind body. But what we are looking when we see physical discomfort and disease at is the out picturing of a consciousness that has been traumatized. We were born with a perfect mind body and through years of neglect and abuse we end up with a mind body that is hurting and failing.

Much of this happens when we are children and are unable to significantly impact or understand our experience. Imperfect parenting, dysfunctional socialization, misguided education all result in some level of trauma for each innocent child born into this world. None can escape it. The impact of this trauma on the perfect mind body that we were born with is highly individualized.

For example, some babies will sooth their normal infantile anxiety by eating or over eating. Other babies loose all their appetite when they are anxious. Years later, in a superficial view, one might look overweight and one might look drawn and emancipated, but these are just two extreme maladjustments to anxiety. In each case, in a kind of twisted way, both are in perfect balance between the anxiety that they did not wish to experience over a lifetime and the food they unconsciously used (or did not use) to sooth it.

If spiritual repair work is not undertaken to recover the perfect mind body, then the childhood trauma in our mind body continues to deteriorate. This determination shows up as imperfect health, but as mentioned above is really perfect adjustments to maladaptive choices made over a lifetime. Every so called illness or health challenge is either a wake up call to activate the path to a higher consciousness or a result of choices made to continue less than optimum behavior that our physical mind body must counteract.

We all have the impulse to do this repair work encoded in our DNA and in our life energy. (In the west we do not have a good word for describing this). In addition we all have free choice to participate in spiritually based healing- which is often very different that a medically based cure. Some choose to embrace the transformational experience that will restore them to a thriving balance, others will rely on a physical/medical cure and ignore the deeper dimensions of the mind body connection and yet still others will down-regulate in a way that leaves them feeling depleted, exhausted and drained.

There are cases that look like exceptions to the idea of a perfect mind body. For some, the ideal soul curriculum in this incarnation requires them to manifest physical or mental ailments in order to experience what is needed for the long term evolution of their soul. I do not pretend to think this appears fair, just or reasonable. Perhaps it is the result of an unfathomable mystery or bad karma. The point is that these situations appear unfortunate from our dualistic perspective that define perfect solely in the physical dimension. When the evolution of the soul is factored in, then even those that appear unfortunate have been gifted with their perfect mind body to successfully accomplish their soulful purpose.

Given that we have free choice, then the decisions we make lead us to have a mind body that reflects those choices. In fact, our mind body perfectly reflects those choices. Unfortunately, many would rather blame their Creator for the impact of their decisions on their life rather than accept that their accountability lies within their own mind body.

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